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Calendar for 2016


According to Eastern tradition, the calendar for 2016 corresponds to a Monkey. Painted in pink or red color. This year is in the power of the Fire element. Matching - South. Managing planet Mars. Downloading our free app you will find a calendar of 2016, Eastern calendar, calendar of public holidays, which is designed to help you properly plan a holiday or business trip. We all love weekends and holidays! However, it is better to know in advance their location in the calendar year 2016, in order to prepare for the celebration. This would not have been without the past, so it's important to remember and honor holidays and observances calendar. Culture, politics, sports, science, people and mentality - all this was changing, were added the customs and traditions, introduced the holidays. Significant events in the calendar 2016 is so much that is pretty hard to keep in mind, especially in today's world, where time nor enough.